Have you started your Christmas List?

Christmas List

Yes, you heard right,  Christmas List.  I know it’s only September, but I like to be an organised methodical Virgo.  Also, I’m on a budget and want to make sure that I get the best deals on my presents.   Of course, being an AVON Representative and Sales Leader…..I love AVON and so I give AVON. (you’d expect nothing less)

Being an Independent AVON Representative means that I get great discounts on my own products – and exclusive sneak peaks into future product launches.  This is great as people always think I’ve spent more on them and I’ve always got the latest colours, trends and products.   Also, this year AVON has been going for 125 years….Making Christmas Magical for 125 years.

We’ve still got 4-5 more brochures before Christmas, which means that there is plenty of time to get shopping with AVON.  It’s all about getting the right deals and knowing who you have to buy for.  In turn, it means I’ve got 4-5 more pay days before Christmas too!

Sarah’s Top Tips for your Christmas List

Keep It Simple Sarah (KISS) is my motto with everything…Christmas is no exception.  To be honest, this will be the 1st “real” Christmas when the twins know what is going on.

  1. Write a list of everyone you MUST buy for and how much you want to spend on them.
  2. Look for the best bargains/offers/deals around.  It may be better buying a collection of specific and relevant products rather than a gift set.  If you know someone likes a particular colour/look you can wrap it yourself.
  3. Start now – to spread the cost of Christmas.  Starting now means that you can manage your cash flow and budget better.  If you are seeing the brochure 4-5 times before Christmas this is great – as you can manage your money better.
  4. Remember the 90 day returns policy with AVON.  This means you can buy with confidence and not worry about getting the wrong thing.
  5. Ease of Shopping with AVON.  You pick what you want from the comfort of your own home (no car park charges, no queues, no stress) and it gets delivered to your door free of charge from your representative….no hassle.

My Christmas List

This is just my initial list that I thought I would share with you.   I hope I’ve inspired some of you to get writing your lists now!

my christmas shopping list Have you started your Christmas List?




Sarah HenshallHave you started your Christmas List?