Being a Mum

Being an AVON mum

Here are some useful tips for being an AVON mum if you have babies or toddlers at home.  Even if you haven’t got little ones, you may find some of these tips useful.  AVON is a flexible opportunity which fits around your lifestyle and responsibilities.  The trick is to make it work for you and your life.

Sarah’s Top Tips for Being an AVON Mum

  1. Let your buggy or pram be your mobile office.  I used the storage nets under the buggy and an old changing bag hung across the handles for my brochures.  This will save your back no end.  The pockets in the back of the seat had my leaflets, pens and round book.  Simple organisation is the key.  The fresh air and exercise was great for me as well as the babies.  Start off with just 20-40 brochures and that will take you less than an hour to get around.
  2. Keep all your AVON stuff in a plastic storage box (with lid) this means you can put it away out of little hands.  It’s worth being careful with the plastic bags and brochure bags.  Also, you don’t want to get torn pages or pen scribble on your brochures.
  3. Take your little ones with you on the deliveries, if practical.  Customers love to deal with a “real person” and they can get to know you and become friends even.  I’ve met lots of new people in my neighbourhood since starting AVON – some will give me toys or even chocolate for the twins.
  4. Use park-time or playgroup as an opportunity to get more sales.  Even though you are looking after the children, use it as an opportunity to get more customers.  It doesn’t have to be mithering people – just have a few books spare in your buggy or changing bag….perhaps wear an AVON t-shirt or badge.  Always be prepared with a spare brochure and order form in your handbag.
  5. Use the nooks and crannies of the day to build your AVON business.  If the little ones are happy playing or napping – why not get on facebook and start up your own AVON Facebook page or create your own customer newsletter.
  6. Pack the orders when the children are in bed or are out.  This really is a must, as otherwise I find it’s chaos.  I set my deliveries to the customers for the day after my order gets to me.
  7. Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go to plan.  Life happens, especially with little ones.  The key is to just pick yourself back up and keep going with it.  If you are struggling with a particular element of your AVON business, pick up the phone to your team leader or speak to someone about solutions to the issues.  You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.
  8. When you do set yourself “AVON time” be really focused with it.  This is especially true if you are a Sales Leader.  If you have 30 minutes to get a job done – don’t get distracted by other things.  If I have an e-mail to send, I deliberately shut down facebook – else I find 40 minutes have gone by with me not achieving anything!
  9. Explain to your family and support network that you are Working From Home to provide a better future for your family.  Hopefully they will be supportive and encouraging towards you.  They may even offer extra babysitting or help you with getting referral customers.
  10. Treat yourself!  Remember you get great discounts on your own AVON products. Make time to look after yourself – perhaps paint your nails, give yourself a facial or have a long soak with the latest AVON bubble bath.  Remember, as an AVON representative, you will want to try the products 1st hand and this is good for your business.

Being an AVON mum – my story

I started doing AVON when my twins were just 7 months old.  It was a lot easier in the early days, as they were in a really good routine and slept through the night.  I won’t lie to you, it has got harder since they hit the terrible twos, but it is manageable and I’ve found different strategies of managing my AVON.  

I am glad that I started AVON when I did, as now it pays fully for my half of the bills, so I can work from home.  The twins have just started nursery part-time, which gives me more time now to expand even further.


Sarah HenshallBeing a Mum