Are You Counting The Sleeps Until Christmas?

Are You Counting The Sleeps Until Christmas?

fatherxmas Are You Counting The Sleeps Until Christmas?

With the age of the mobile phone apps and the internet – it is so easy to “Count the Sleeps Until Christmas.”  Father Christmas seems to be fully e-enabled with Web 2.0 and social media strategy all worked out!  I suspect that children these days can e-mail Father Christmas with their wish list rather than writing a good old fashioned letter.

I am not being bar-humbug about Christmas this year, far from it.  This is the twins 3rd Christmas (they are 3 in Feb) and they really much more aware of what is going on.  I cannot wait with all the fun, games, lights and excitement.

I am naturally quite organised, so the presents and budgeting don’t really phase me too much.  I started shopping in the January Sales….yes I am that annoying organised person.   However, I have to be organised, as the run up to Christmas is the busiest time for me with my AVON business.  Not only are sales fantastic and my customers and new customers are ordering more, but also I have a lot more new recruits to start and to look after.

Now the children are back in school, the weather is cold and wet, people are looking to fund their Christmas presents.  AVON offers a really flexible way of earning that extra bit of cash needed for Christmas.  It’s simple to start and do – and there are no special skills involved, just showing the brochures to as many people as you can.  That’s where I come in, getting people started with AVON.  Recruitment is definitely up this year, as people are feeling the pinch a lot more and the recession is really biting massively.  That’s great news for me in my line of work…however, it would be great to see the economy improve for all of us.

So, I am counting the sleeps until Christmas…and I am excited for Christmas, not only for myself, but for all my wonderful representatives who are earning that little bit extra to make Christmas magic.

Sarah HenshallAre You Counting The Sleeps Until Christmas?