Working Around Little Ones

Working Around Little Ones

sarahfamily Working Around Little OnesI know as a working mum of toddler twins, life can be a bit of a juggle to say the least.  Let’s be honest….it’s chaos, but in a good way most of the time.    I have been fortunate enough to have been able to work from home around the twins since they were 7 months old.  Here is a bit of my story:


I was busy working as an Accountant in Knutsford when I found out I was pregnant.  In fact, I’d just finished working in Warrington and the week I started my new job, I found out I was pregnant….with twins.  It was only a 6 month contract, so I knew that I wouldn’t “be going back” to work once they arrived.  In a way I was pleased I didn’t have to make that decision – on the other hand once my Maternity Allowance stopped I knew I had no money coming in.

What to Do?

I knew I couldn’t afford the nursery fees for 2 babies full-time…besides I didn’t really want to have leave them with strangers either.   I did do a lot of research on Work From Home – and looked into all sorts of things – from franchises, doing parties, selling on ebay, setting up on my own.  To be honest, it was all a bit overwhelming and I knew I couldn’t afford to fork out loads of cash getting started doing something  or worse still lose money.

What I Did?

I decided that I would try out AVON.  After all, it’s a well-known (and loved) brand…indeed I’d brought from the brochure for many years.  The more I looked into it, I realised that I could build a team up as well as sell AVON myself.  Basically, building my own business from home.  I’d heard some great success stories that people had done really well, and I thought, that could be me.  Why Not?

I set myself a little plan….to replace my Maternity Allowance Money (about £500 a month) as soon as I could from both selling and my team.  Within 3 campaigns (9 weeks) of starting, I had earned £350 (in 3 weeks) which works out at about £467 a month.  This was just from showing the brochure to people and showing other people how to do the same.  Also, it was around the twins. (who were 10 months old)  I’ve just carried on doing that over the past 2 years.

Where we are today?

Well the twins are now 2 and a half and they are going to nursery part-time in September.   I still work very flexibly with AVON around them – and this suits my team too – many of which have young families too.   I have a good work-life balance.

I have a large team of representatives and sales leaders across the North West and North Wales.  We have a team of nearly 200 representatives (and this is growing every day)  but we still offer local support and help.  This has really been the key to our success – as we want to see our team earn what they want and came in to earn.

We sold over £320,000 worth of AVON products in my team last year!  We are set to double that this year – with the best few months (Autumn/Winter) still yet to come.

If you know anyone who would be interested in earning some extra cash or who wants to hear a bit more about AVON – please do get in touch as we are always looking to expand as well as look after our existing team.





Sarah HenshallWorking Around Little Ones