What is the difference between being a Representative and Sales Leader

AVON Representative vs AVON Sales Leader

We frequently get asked “What is the difference between being an AVON Representative and an AVON Sales Leader?” – so I thought I would just take a few minutes to share with you how both work.

They are both self-employed opportunities which are fully flexible around your existing lifestyle.  Many people work both on a part-time basis and some people work it full-time.  It really depends on your personal circumstances as to how much time and effort you put in.

AVON Representative

q2cats What is the difference between being a Representative and Sales LeaderDescription:  Sell AVON products via the brochures – either to friends/family, in work or door-to-door.  The method of selling is completely up to you.  You sell the products, place your order and then deliver out the products to your customers.

Costs:  There is no up front fee – however, there is a £15 admin fee (split £7.50 over your 1st two invoices)  You will be given your first 40 brochures free.  You then have to purchase your brochures, but these are not expensive.  There is free delivery on regular orders over £10.

Earnings: The amount you earn depends on your order value. The more you sell, the more you earn. Orders over £78 earn 20% discount and orders over £148 earn 25% discount.   This is paid in cash (from the money you collect from the customers) as soon as you’ve done your deliveries.  There are also incentives to get free products.

I have people in my team who sell just £80 a campaign and equally I have people in the team who sell in excess of £1,000 a campaign.  We will work with YOU to support YOU in earning what YOU want.  

AVON Sales Leader

salesleader2 300x207 What is the difference between being a Representative and Sales LeaderDescription:  You find, recruit and train your own team of representatives.  Basically, you are helping other people earn extra cash by becoming an AVON representative.  You also have to sell the product yourself as a representative.

Costs:  There is a one-off £25 admin fee which is taken from your representative account.  You will be given a business in a bag – which contains lots of recruiting tools to get you started.

Earnings: Your earning potential is unlimited.  The more team members you have and the more they sell, the more you earn.  Basically, you can earn between 2-12% of your team orders.  There is also opportunity to receive up to £6,070 in bonuses for growing your business. Also AVON run incentives, from holidays, cars, free products and cash.

I have Sales Leaders in the team who work the Sales Leader opportunity both full-time and part-time and even spare-time (just a couple of hours a week around jobs).  We’ve got a mixture of both ladies and men, some people with children, some people with previous experience and others with no previous experience in team building.  We will work with YOU to support YOU in earning what YOU want.  


In order to be an AVON Sales Leader you must also be an AVON Representative and sell yourself.  There is a personal sales requirement of £148 (at sales leader level) and £220 (at advanced level and above) every campaign. (3 weeks)

You earn exactly the same amount of money on your own AVON personal sales whether you are a Representative or Sales Leader.



Sarah HenshallWhat is the difference between being a Representative and Sales Leader

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