AVON Twitter

AVON Twitter

avon twitter AVON Twitter“Ding Dong – AVON Tweeting” – that may sound a bit futuristic – but it is just another way of staying in touch and communicating with your friends, family, customers, representatives and basically the world of Twitter.  AVON Twitter is just another way of promoting your business and is another part of your social media strategy.

I am still very new to the world of Twitter and Tweeting, but I can see how it could grow my business and sales, so it’s worth finding out a bit more about it.

What is Twitter?

It’s a way of communicating online using just 140 characters – a bit like a text message I suppose.  You “Follow” people who you are interested in – and people who are interested in you “Follow” you.

You can shorten website addresses (URLS) so that people can click on the link and be taken to a website.  You can also use the @ sign to send a message to someone specific on twitter.

AVON Twitter

There are lots of ways you can use Twitter to enhance your AVON business – from tweeting about the latest offers, brochures and promotions to looking for new representatives.  Also, you can keep up to date with the latest news from AVONUK and even globally.  You can follow all the things/people that interest you.  It may also give you insight into your local area and what is going on locally as well as keeping up to date with AVON and beauty news.

My AVON Twitter

I am on twitter – you will find my AVON Twitter at  @Sarahsreps  – I am slowly getting the hang of it!

Watch this space over the next few months as I get to grips with Twitter and how to use it for my AVON business.  As I come across new tips and tricks and ideas I will share them with you.

AVON Twitter is just another form of promotion and communication to help you earn more money with AVON.

Sarah HenshallAVON Twitter