Although we are all Independent Representatives or Independent Sales Leaders – we are all part of the AVON Team.  Depending on who got you started with AVON, you may be in the Area Sales Manager’s (employed by AVON) direct team or into a Sales Leader’s direct team.

If you join with an Independent Sales Leader you get the best of both worlds – being part of your local Area Sales Manager’s team as well as your Sales Leader’s team.   The choice of which team you join is completely your own, but once appointed that will be your team.

AVON Team at SarahsReps

Here at SarahsReps we work as a team – Together Everyone Achieves More.  This means we will help and share ideas that really work for us amongst our team.   This is really important, as your success is our success – so it’s in our best interests to give you the best possible start, support and advice.  We are not your boss, but really here to guide and coach you – so that you get what you want from your AVON opportunity.

Everyone is different, we understand that, so we have a flexible approach with all our representatives and sales leaders.  We do have team events as well as 1-2-1 sessions with people.  There are local and regional meetings, which are completely optional to attend.  As a busy mum to toddler twins, I appreciate that formal meetings and getting childcare isn’t always easy – hence the flexible and relaxed approach!

Some examples of our AVON teamwork include:  team newsletters, exclusive team website support, team recruiting days, team outings to Head Office, team recognition, team competitions and incentives…..much much more.

Start your own AVON team?

As an AVON representative, you have the opportunity to become an AVON Sales Leader – which means that you can start building your very own AVON team.  For all the extra business and sales that you bring in, AVON pay you not only a commission but also Business Development Bonuses as well.

Becoming an AVON Sales Leader is a great way of gaining new skills and experience.  It is also a great way of earning more money and is a lot of fun too.  Even though there is a framework and system we work with, you are able to still be an individual build your own team your way.


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