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AVON offer two self-employed opportunities – the Independent AVON Representative opportunity and the Independent AVON Sales Leader opportunity.  The latter, Sales Leadership is the AVON Network Marketing opportunity.  I thought I would spend a few minutes sharing the key points and what it all means.  Sometimes people may use the term AVON MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) which is the same as AVON Network Marketing.

What is Network Marketing?

In plain English –

You sell the products yourself and show others how to do the same and then show others how to do the same as you.  As as result and reward, the company will pay you a commission for these extra sales that your organisation has generated – whilst still paying each individual independent representative their commissions for selling the products.

With AVON Network Marketing you are selling the products yourself (as an AVON Representative) and you are showing others how to do the same (becoming an AVON Representative) and then show others how to do the same as you. (being an AVON Sales Leader)  There is no limit to how big an organisation you can grow and you can go at your own pace based on your own lifestyle and needs.

How Does AVON Network marketing work?

As a Sales Leader your role is to:

  • Prospect (find new people)
  • Appoint (get them started)
  • Train (show new Representatives how to get orders and run their account and get what they want from AVON)
  • Develop (perhaps to Sales leadership or Presidents Club)

salesleadercircle 620x424 Network MarketingYou will be shown and supported in how to do all of this by us.  There is so much help, advice and support for you to grow a team at your own pace – whether that be fast or more leisurely.  We offer lots of “on the job” training as well as online training which means you can learn at home at a time that suits you.

When you start as a Sales Leader, you will draw up a plan of what you want to achieve and how you can do that around your existing commitments.  Everyone is different, so we work out a plan which is specific to you.

It is a self-employed opportunity – which means it is fully flexible and you work when you want to.   AVON Network Marketing is a great opportunity for anyone who needs and wants flexibility.

How much do you earn with AVON Network Marketing?

As a Sales Leader your earnings are based upon the size of your team.  You can earn between 2%-12% of your team’s orders (up to 3 generations) depending on your size and structure of your business.  There is such a diverse range of earnings – from very part-time incomes to six figure incomes!  Your earnings have unlimited potential with AVON network marketing given hard work and determination.

Being a Sales Leader is challenging but rewarding, hard work and dedication  is needed but the earnings plan does reward you for your efforts.  Your upline and Area Sales Manager will work with you to help you achieve what you want.

You can recruit anywhere in the UK, provided your initial appointment is face-to-face.  This means there is scope to grow a large team across the country.

There are also Bonuses to help reward you along your journey on top of your commissions. AVON also run a number of incentives including holidays, cars and prizes throughout the year.  These are here to provide motivation and reward to those who work hard.

We run on 18 campaigns a year – this means you have 18 earning opportunities a year!

Other things to consider?

When you join AVON you join either with an Area Sales Manager (employed by AVON) or with an Independent AVON Sales Leader (Self-Employed).  You join initially as a representative, as all Sales Leaders must be representatives too.  If you join under a Sales Leader, you will still have support and guidance from your local Area Sales Manager, as well as your Sales Leader.

salesleader2 300x207 Network MarketingOnce you have joined AVON you cannot swap your “line of sponsorship” – whose team you are in.  Your upline (the person who recruited you) will support and train you.  If you are an existing representative, contact your upline or Area Sales Manager if you are interested in Sales Leadership.

The initial business pack is a one-off £25 which is added to your representative account.  You will be given lots of tools which will help you get off to a flying start including training guides and prospecting materials.  You will also be provided with all the tools to recruit your team members for the 1st two campaigns.

If you have any questions about how it works, please do get in touch with us (all at no obligation) and we will be happy to answer any questions about AVON Network Marketing.

Sarah HenshallNetwork Marketing | AVON Network Marketing