Making it Work For YOU

Making AVON Work For YOU

I know when I get new representatives started, some of them are thinking “Will AVON work for me?”

Here are my 3 top tips for Making AVON work for YOU.

You have to want it to work

You reasons for wanting it to work are personal to you – it may be because you love the products and just want a reliable and regular supply – it may be that you need that extra £100 a month – it may be that you want a business opportunity – it may be that you want to make new friends locally – it may be something completely different.

Just make sure that you are clear in your own mind why you want to make it work.

It will work if you want it to work. You will find a way.  

You have to put some effort in

Whether it be showing the brochure to a few friends, or covering an area or doing parties – you have to do it.  The more people you show the brochure to, the more orders you will get.  There are so many different ways to sell AVON, find the ways which you enjoy and work for you.  It does become so much easier once you’ve found your customers and you are just looking after them.

Like any business, it does take time and effort.  However, once you’ve established yourself, it becomes so much easier.

Your Attitude

Having the right attitude and frame of mind is so important.  Things don’t always run smoothly, but how you handle it makes a huge difference.  Learn from others and ask for help if you aren’t sure.  Success doesn’t happen by chance.

So, in a nutshell : You have to want to make it work -You have to put some effort in – You have to have the right attitude.



Sarah HenshallMaking it Work For YOU