Going To Nursery

Going to Nursery

The twins will be going to nursery in September (3 weeks today and counting) and this will mean a huge change in the Henshall household, even though it’s just 3 afternoon sessions a week.  Apart from grandma babysitting, this will be the first time they have been in someone else’s care.  I am not nervous, as I know a lot of the nursery staff and am lucky that my lovely next door neighbour is one of the staff along with some of my great customers.

Going to Nursery – the Twins

The twins will also absolutely love nursery and making new friends in the village.  They are quite close with each other, so it will be great for them to be around other children.  It also gives them a chance to do lots of great things we don’t do at home.  I am 100% confident that they will take to it brilliantly.  It’s only a few hours a week as well, so we will still have our precious park days and picnics.

Going to Nursery – Me

I made the conscious decision when the twins were born that I didn’t want to go back to my old 9-6 job (an Accountant) but I wanted to work from home and be my own boss.  I found that it has really worked out well for me, looking after the children at home and working from home.  There is a bit (well a lot) of chaos but we have fun and I’ve got great precious memories from our 2 and a half years so far.  However, I think I am ready and the twins are, to have a bit of time apart at nursery.

Most of my work I can do around the children, whether it be working with my customers or the team.  It’s flexible, so I can pick when I want to work.  This is great as if one of them is poorly, I can simply take time out.  Equally it’s also great if the sun is shining, we can hop to the park….and there is no asking the boss.   Word of caution here: I do have to spend time working.  Yet what I have found is that if I am disciplined and focused I can get stuff done quickly and efficiently.  Also, the nature of the work means I can take the children out with me.  For me, my success is all about being organised and thinking laterally.  Creative thinking is essential, but that’s a skill that I have become better at since becoming a mum.

Those extra 9 hours a week (will be up to 15 hours in the New Year) without the children will mean that I can have undisturbed business time and I can explore activities which are difficult to do around them.  It will also give me a bit of “me” time where I can get a focused 2 hours on the housework when nobody is in or the vacuum is not going to wake the twins.




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