Feeling Broody

Feeling Broody

tiny tillia display 300x194 Feeling BroodyI know I’ve got toddler twins, and the thought of the tiny pitter patter of feet (either 2 or in my case a 1 in 12 chance of 4 feet!) does send me into a cold sweat,  I was left feeling somewhat broody after this weekend.  I was attending the National AVON Sales Leader event at the Celtic Manor called Live Your Dream and outside the main hall were a number of stands featuring upcoming products and new ranges.  There was one that specifically caught my eye – which was the Tiny Tillia range which is being launched nationally in our Campaign 16.

It just seemed to look so much like my washing line did when the twins were little babies – with both the pink and the blue pyjamas and the snuggle blankets.  Simply adorable.  I used to even peg my washing out the same….pink,blue, pink, blue, pink!  It definitely got me feeling broody again.  Who couldn’t resist the little reindeer booties and Christmas bib?

Having now seen the great products “in the flesh” I am confident that these are going to be a great hit with my AVON Customers.  The twins are now a bit too old for the clothes, but I will be getting them the washmitts – as these are really fun and they will love playing with these in the bath.

As for feeling broody? The jury is out.  I really have enjoyed having the twins massively and I have been able to be a stay at home mummy whilst running my AVON business at the same time.  I started when they were just 7 months old.  I have found that it fits perfectly around them, at every stage so far.  Of course there is juggling and chaos, but that’s life!

Sarah HenshallFeeling Broody