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AVON Christmas

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OK, I do realise it is still Summer time, but now is a great time to start thinking about Christmas.  As an AVON representative, the build up now to Christmas is a really busy time – which means more orders, more sales and more earnings.  This is always great news – as there are plenty of pay days left before Christmas with AVON. (We get paid every 3 weeks rather than every 4 weeks!)

I have lots of tips to maximise your earnings and sales over Christmas, but in this post I want to focus on what you can do during the “transition” campaigns now to make sure you have a fantastic AVON Christmas.

Here are my top tips to help you with your AVON Christmas RIGHT NOW:

  •  Decide how much money you want to earn before Christmas.  It’s great to have a goal in place so you can set your plans up.  If you join in August/September, I would say it was well achievable to earn an extra £500 for Christmas, potentially more.  Obviously it takes some effort, but we can put a plan together with you.
  • Start getting more customers NOW, don’t leave it until November/December.  It is better to start building new customer relationships now.  People love AVON and I find they spend more if they know and trust you.  Reputation is key – especially when you are entrusted with delivering their Christmas presents for loved ones.
  •  Look at holding a Christmas Preview party with your customers say in late September/October.  Use the great demo products to get a good display together.  I find that customers cannot resist smelling, touching and seeing our fantastic products.  Also, it’s a great way to get to know your customers on a more informal basis.  They can also budget for the Christmas spends a more easily.  Plan now so you can get diaries organised and samples/demos ordered.
  • Use the TV Advertising and launch promotions of the new products to your advantage.  We are seeing the launch of Outspoken Intense by Fergie, AVON ANEW Genics and Christian Lacroix Nuit over the next few campaigns as well as Tiny Tillia (baby range).  Read up in the AVON magazine about these products and get excited.  Again, look at Money Makers and Samples to help with promoting the products.
  • Research what events are going on locally over the next few months where you could have your own AVON stall.  Autumn/Winter is a great time for school fundraisers, Ladies Nights and Charity evenings.  This is a great opportunity not only to sell, but to pick up new repeat customers all in time for the Christmas Campaigns.  If you get your diary out now and work your plans out.


SarahsReps Top Tip:  Get your oven warm now – what I mean by that is get busy NOW – so you hit the ground running and maximise YOUR earnings in for the perfect AVON Christmas.
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