Cash for Christmas

Cash for Christmas

cash Cash for ChristmasMany people want Cash for Christmas – it’s an expensive year of time.  It’s not like birthdays, where you can usually budget throughout the whole year.  All the expense seems to mount up and focus on that one day.  Especially in these economic times, finding the Cash for Christmas can cause a lot of worry and stress to many people.  So I’ve put together some helpful tips for AVON Customers to manage and save cash for Christmas.

Cash for Christmas – Customers

  1. Get planning and shopping now – it is easier to spread the cost of presents over a series of small installments – each brochure rather than in one large hit.  This will help your budgetting efforts.  Write a list now (yes now!) of who you need to buy for and how much you are looking to spend on that person.
  2. Take advantage of the special offers in the brochure – your loved ones will think you have spent more than you actually have.  Look out for the Half-Price, Sales, Free Gifts, BOGOFs etc.  There are great gift sets already packaged up – but you could make your own up if you wanted to tailor-make a present.
  3. Ask your representative what the best deals and hot products are.   Remember you can also ask about samples and demo products.  Your representative will be able to give you recommendations for all your present options in the brochures.  Use this insider advice – it’s FREE.
  4. Remember it’s FREE delivery to your door so there really is no stress at the shops.  NO expensive parking charges or fuel to get to the shops.   Also, there is a 90 day no hassle returns policy too.
  5. Consider becoming an AVON representative yourself.  If you can generate over £78 worth of orders every 3 weeks, you will earn up to 20% discount.  If you can get orders over £148 every 3 weeks, you will earn up to 25% discount.  You don’t have to go to door-to-door.  You also get exclusive discounts on representative only products.

I joined AVON in September 2009, which helped pay for my Christmas after my maternity money had stopped.  I was able to use the months leading up to Christmas to earn extra cash to pay for Christmas as well as get my presents at a fantastic discount.  It made my 1st Christmas with the twins that little bit more comfortable and I didn’t have to resort to credit cards.

Sarah HenshallCash for Christmas