Achieve with AVON

Achieve with AVON 

125bracelet1 Achieve with AVONWhen anyone joins AVON they want to Achieve with AVON – they want to be a success.  That success comes in many different forms – most people come in because they want to earn extra cash, others want to make new friends, perhaps fund their own make-up habit or create their own business.  Your reason is personal to you, we are all different.  What is great about our team is that Your Success is our success, so we are here to encourage and empower you to achieve what you want with AVON.

I always love a success story in my team – and I am delighted to say that we had TWO early achievers into Presidents Club this year.  You may be wondering what that means, so let me explain.

What is President’s Club?

AVON’s President’s Club is an exclusive membership club for the Top Sellers in AVON.

It recognises the hard work and effort put in by the top selling representatives in the country.  There are four levels – depending on how much you sell – each with fantastic benefits and rewards.  This is opportunity is open to ALL Representatives – everyone has the opportunity to achieve membership.  Just speak to your team leader to work a plan out to achieve it.

Some of the benefits include:  Discounted Brochures, Starpoints (to exchange for gifts, vouchers etc),  exclusive product offers, FREE gala dinners, FREE holidays for Top 50.

What is Early Achievers?

This year there was a fantastic incentive by AVON for anyone who could achieve President’s Club (£6,500 sales) by Campaign 9 – as well as an exclusive celebration dinner each early achiever was given a beautiful exclusive 125 year AVON bracelet with Charms.  You can see the picture of the bracelet above!

We had TWO early achievers this year so far – which is a fantastic achievement – both around busy lives and little children.  

How SarahsReps Can Help YOU Achieve

We will work will any of our team who are interested in achieving President’s Club, by giving them extra support and mentoring.  We’ve got lots of ideas and tips for all different methods of selling AVON.  We also have a structured system to help you stay organised and on-top of selling lots of AVON.  We’ve got first hand experience of getting into President’s Club and teaching others how to do the same.


Sarah HenshallAchieve with AVON