What is Mojito?

What is Mojito?

You may be wondering why on my AVON blog I am asking the question “What is Mojito?” – the answer is actually quite simple and straightforward. AVON are now doing their own range of Sugar Lime Mojito Footwork products.

Mojito is a famous Cuban Cocktail which contains Rum and Mint Leaves and Lime.  It is amazing refreshing and is a highball drink.  Indeed, the translation is “a little bit wet” – which is perfect for a hot summer afternoon.

Anyway, back onto the new AVON Sugar Lime Mojito Footworks range.  These products are perfect not only to get your feet into tip-top condition for your flip-flops but also they are really refreshing and smell really zesty and fresh.

  • The Sugar Lime Mojito Refreshing Spray – this is great for cooling down tired or hot feet.
  • The Sugar Lime Mojito Exfoliating Scrub – great for getting those feet looking amazing.
  • The Sugar Lime Cooling Lotion – again this is great for keeping cool in the hot weather and soothing tired feet.

In brochure 13 all three products are £1.49 each.  These 3 footwork products are an absolute bargain!

All I need now is a Mojito Cocktail – to accompany my Sugar Lime Mojito Foot Routine!


Sarah HenshallWhat is Mojito?

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