Simple Steps to Organise a Table Top

Simple Steps to Organise a Table Top

Doing a Table Top is a great way to give your representative earnings a boost.  It is a great opportunity to find new customers and increase your business locally.  All the tips I am going to give you could equally use when doing an Open House, School Fete, Party, Ladies Night or Fundraiser.

 This is a picture of my Table Top stall that I did at a Ladies Night in Northwich.

avonfair Simple Steps to Organise a Table Top

Simple Steps to Organise a Table Top:

  1.  Check what is going on locally – use the paper, Google or ask around.  There is always something going on all year around.
  2. Work out what products you want to take.  You will probably have an “Avon Stash” (if you are like me) – of returns, products that you’ve brought for yourself on a good deal etc.  I don’t recommend buying in lots of extras – but just have a small selection of products.  As it is local – people can order from your brochure – you can then deliver.
  3. Get organised with “Brochure Packs” for potential customers to take away.
    • Brochure – put your details on the back cover
    • A couple of order forms – with your details on them
    • A couple of samples – I find a perfume and mini-lipstick work well.
    • A little note to introduce yourself or a newsletter.  Perhaps put an introductory offer in.
    • Put all the above in an Avon Brochure bag (the clear snappy bags)
  4. Get everything for the stall ready :-
    • A table cloth
    • Plenty of pens (for people who want to write orders there and then)
    • “Brochure Packs” – see point 3
    • A money tin/tray with small change
    • Business cards – so that potential customers can take your details
    • If you are running a raffle/prize draw – organise that
    • A bowl of sweets (optional) for the table – perhaps some balloons or festive decorations.
    • Price Labels or Notes
    • Perhaps wear an Avon T-Shirt or have a name badge on
  5. At the event be happy, positive and enthusiastic.  Talk to other stall holders too – make sure as many people take away your brochure packs as possible.

 My TOP tip – Don’t over-complicate it that you end up getting stressed or worst still do nothing.  Just make sure that you’ve got a few products on display and you’ve got plenty of brochures (with pens and order forms) for all your new potential customers.  Remember your smile and you’ll be fine.


Sarah HenshallSimple Steps to Organise a Table Top