Sign Up for AVON

Sign Up for AVON

To Sign Up for AVON is really straightforward.  We are finding with the current economic climate an increase in people wanting to sign up for AVON.  It is a great way to earn extra cash, flexibly and on your own terms.  It is also extremely simple to sell AVON and there are no large costs or stock to buy before you get started.

Sign Up for AVON in 3 simple steps

  1. You register your interest online – by filling in the application form on your right.  Alternatively, you can call 0800 118 5411 and speak to us directly.
  2. An appointment to see you will be made.  This is so you can get your free brochures and starter pack.  You will be given advice and tips on how to gain your orders.  You will have the chance to ask questions and work with the person who is appointing you to work out how you will be able to maximise your AVON business around your lifestyle.
  3. During the appointment you will register with Head Office and be given an account number and access to the ordering website – along with lots of training and support.

It really is as simple as that to sign up for AVON.  However, with SarahsReps, we will continue to support and train you after your initial sign up.

What do you get when you sign up for AVON?

On your appointment you will be given a starter pack – which contains all the things you need to get started with AVON.  You will also be able to ask questions and plan how you are going to be getting your initial orders.

You will be given:

  • Free brochures for your 1st two campaigns – to get you started
  • Appointment Training Guide – full of lots of selling tips and ideas
  • Calling Book – if you are doing door-to-door this little book is brilliant for marking out where you are going
  • Representatives Magazine – featuring exclusive offers, tips and training
  • “Smart Start” – initial representative incentive leaflets
  • Access to your own Representative Website – where you can order as well as access lots of training
  • Access to our online community at AVON Connects
  • Lots of other info to help you get off to the best start possible
My best bit of advice whenever signing someone up for AVON is to get the brochure in front of your “Who Do You Know” list – those people who you know like your friends, family, neighbours and workmates – even if you are doing door-to-door.  This has been greatly helped by being able to use the e-brochures on facebook and on e-mail to send to your network of friends and family.
Sarah HenshallSign Up for AVON

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