School Holidays for 2011

School Holidays for 2011

The School Holidays for 2011 are upon us now.  For me as an AVON Independent Sales Leader it is a great time of year.  My children aren’t of school age yet, so school holidays aren’t important from that perspective…it is just business as usual there.

However, it is a great time for meeting new people who are interested in earning a bit of extra cash around their existing commitments.  The School Holidays are a great time to bump into different people – whether it be at the park, in town or just in the neighbourhood.  Most people who have children tend to take at least a couple of weeks off during the Summer Holidays or at least reduce their hours if they are able to have flexible working hours.  So, for me, it is a busy time of year as I have lots of new starters in my team.

Also, it is a fantastic time of year for AVON Sales.  Not only is it sun creams and holiday stuff (sunglasses, flip-flops etc) but also I find that people like to re-vamp and experiment more with their cosmetics by trying vibrant colours during the summer months.  When the sun does shine, people also show more flesh (calves, arms, toes) – so again that boosts sales as people are wanting to look their very best.

We’ve also just come back from our Summer Holiday – before the school holiday rush. (a perk of having under 5s) We had a lovely 11 days in Mallorca.



Sarah HenshallSchool Holidays for 2011

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