Increase disposable income

What is disposable income?

In simple terms, it’s what’s left after everything that you have to pay has been paid.

The simple diagram below illustrates what disposable income is.  It’s sometimes referred to as “Lifestyle Money” – the money that funds the things you want to do, rather than have to pay for.  It can be things like holidays, nice clothes, weekends away or simply a take-away and bottle of wine on a Friday night.

disposableincome Increase disposable income

Most people will say that they want to increase their disposable income – who wouldn’t want more money available for life’s little luxuries?

Here’s a little example:

  • Jane’s household has an average income of £1,500 a month – and they spend 90% of that on vital expenses.
  • That leaves £150 per month in disposable income.

Having that extra £150 may seem like a lot, but when you consider it’s for things like going out, haircuts, new clothes, holiday funds etc – it doesn’t go very far at all.

Increase Disposable Income

Having the ability to increase disposable income is a really powerful concept.  In the example above, simply earning an extra £150 per month would double the lifestyle money of Jane’s household.

The power to increase disposable income is quite a powerful reason why many people turn to AVON.  It is very possible to earn extra income around your existing committments to double your lifestyle money.  It’s also a flexible opportunity and is a lot of fun too.

In Jane’s example, to earn an extra £150 a month as a representative, she would have to sell just £450 per 3 week-campaign.   This would be serving approximately 15- 20 customers a week.   This would not take up lots of time and could fit around existing commitments.  As a result, her lifestyle income has doubled.

Many representatives sell via their network of friends and family or in their work place.  These methods of selling AVON can be quite time effective.  There is also the door-to-door option too, which is great for meeting new people in the local area.

The beauty with AVON (sorry about the pun) is that you can get started straight away towards increasing your disposable income.  The application process is simple and to Start AVON can take less than an hour.


Sarah HenshallIncrease disposable income