How to Use the AVON advert

How to Use the AVON advert

as seen on tv How to Use the AVON advertIt is always great news when the AVON advert comes on TV.  As an Independent Representative or Sales Leader, this is a great chance to increase business, gain new customers and new representatives.  In this article, I am going to share with you my 5 top tips for How to Use the AVON advert.

There are two main types of adverts – those launching new products and those which are looking for new representatives to start earning extra cash.  Both are great for increasing your business and your earnings.

AVON Advert – Representative 5 top tips

  • Ask your customers “Did you see the latest AVON advert – what do you think?” – this is a great conversation opener.
  • Get a post-it/sticky label and highlight “As Seen on TV” when there is a new launch product.
  • Re-canvass when the product AVON advert is on – the advert will be attracting new potential customers.
  • Offer samples of the product advertised – for example the Fergie Outspoken Intense when it is launched.  This will support the TV advertising and customers often like to try before they buy.
  • If you can get a youtube copy of the advert (from iAVONuk) share this with your facebook friends – this may encourage more sales.

AVON Advert – Sales Leader 5 top tips

  • Co-ordinate your prospecting activity with the TV advertising.  It will be in people’s subconscious and they will be thinking about it – even if they haven’t been proactive in joining AVON yet.  You may be their “call to action.”
  • Use “Have you seen our recent TV advertising about our products/new representatives?” as an opening line when speaking to people.
  • Don’t be a secret agent – let everyone know that they can come to YOU to join AVON.
  • Let people know that the recruitment advert uses real people – real Sales Leaders and Representatives. (some of which I have had the pleasure of meeting)
  • Get your name and number out there as much as possible.  I always leave a paper trail of “Call Sarah – 0800 118 5411 or text AVON to 88802″ on my cards/flyers and posters.

If you are an existing representative, but find people who approach you to join AVON, why not consider becoming an Independent Sales Leader.  You are still a representative, however, you appoint and train other people to become a representative like you.  You will be given training, support and guidance from the person who appointed you as well as from the Area Sales Manager.



Sarah HenshallHow to Use the AVON advert

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