How to Make Money From Facebook

How to Make Money From Facebook

facebookavon How to Make Money From FacebookThis is a question we are being increasingly asked by our AVON representatives and Sales Leaders.  I thought I would spend a little time explaining some ways on how to make money from Facebook.

  • Facebook is massive. FACT.
  • We are in business, so we want to make money. FACT.

Hence, if we can combine those two facts and make them work together, we can gain more customers and make more money from Facebook.  It can be difficult to know where to start or what to do, so I have got some really basic but effective tips here that you can use to increase your AVON business…and ultimately make money from Facebook.

Sarah’s Top Tips for How to Make Money from Facebook

  • Use the e-brochures (either the app on your AVON website) or via the e-brochure links (just copy and paste them into a post) – this will mean that YOUR social network can see YOUR brochure whenever they log on to Facebook.
  • Put a post up when there are special offers in the brochure – this will alert your network to what’s hot.  Perhaps include a scanned photo of the products too.  Recommending products is a KEY way of selling AVON.  Most make-up is sold via referral marketing – Facebook is just that.
  • Share the You-Tube links to the latest AVON adverts for your Network to see.  This is really powerful – as so many people now just skip through traditional TV adverts.
  • Post on “Buy/Sell/Swap” boards that are in your area.  Let people who are not currently in your network know that you are the “AVON representative
  • Why not have a Facebook e-party?  Rather than have the mess and hassle of inviting people around to yours….have an online party…where you can share ideas and offer fantastic deals on the latest AVON products.
  • Set up an AVON Facebook Page – which is separate to your personal profile.  That way you can keep business and pleasure separate.
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Sarah HenshallHow to Make Money From Facebook

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