How to Clean Makeup Brushes

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

kabuki How to Clean Makeup BrushesIt’s amazing how easy it is to neglect your makeup brushes.  As as result, the brushes can get full of dirt and bacteria, which is not good for your skin.  It shouldn’t be when you start to break-out in spots (or worse) that you do something about it.  However, I know as a busy mum of two, cleaning my makeup brushes really isn’t on the list of priorities, but with these few handy tips, it’s just a quick job.  Also, it means that I am not wasting my time with a great skincare routine only to ruin it with mucky makeup brushes.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes – 4 easy steps

  1.  Use lukewarm running water to get the bristles damp. (not too wet)
  2. Use a little dollop of shampoo (I use my children’s Baby Shampoo) and lather up the bristles – a bit like washing hair but more gently.
  3. Rinse the bristles in lukewarm water.  You will notice that all the old product is coming out in the water.  Keep doing this to all the product and clumps are completely out.
  4. Leave them to dry flat on a towel.

How often should I clean my Makeup Brushes?

These are just guidelines – and it’s obviously dependent upon how often you use your brushes.

  • Foundation Brush / Blush Brush / Kabuki Brush /Powder Brush – once a week
  • Eyeshadow Brush – once every 3-4 days

It can be a very quick job just after you’ve applied your makeup, before you go out for the day.  The more often you clean your brushes, the easier it is.  Also, just check the condition of the brushes too.

There are lots of specialist cleaning products out there, but to be honest, I just use a simple technique because it works. (and it doesn’t cost a fortune)


Sarah HenshallHow to Clean Makeup Brushes