For YOUR Nails

For YOUR Nails

nailstore 208x300 For YOUR NailsComing to your front-room in the next few weeks – exclusively for YOUR Nails – will be AVON’s Nailstore promotional brochure.  It is only a small brochure but it is packed with products, advice and ideas for your nails.  The offers in the brochure are really simple – buy 4 products for £10.  Compared to the high street, this is an amazing deal.

Changing your nails is a really inexpensive way of changing your look.  What I love about nail polish is that you can choose a colour which really compliments your look or equally something which really makes a statement.  Best of all, I love the fact that it is so easy to change and experiment with colours.  It’s so much easier than changing the colour of your hair!

Not only has the AVON Nail Store brochure got nail polish but it has lots of things for your nails – such as files, strengtheners, cream, quick-dry spray and lots of other things for your nails too.

Personally I am loving the Pastel Power colours – such as Lavender Luxe, Vintage Blue, Pastel Pink and Vanilla Shake.  These are really summery and girlie.  These look great with a tan too.   Also on the offer are the Matte Nail Polishes…which I love too.

To visit the promotional flyer itself just click here.


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