Are you in the Know?

Are you in the Know?

This is the big question today – “Are you in the Know?”  Chances are when it comes to building your AVON business the answer is well and truly YES and if not, then make it your business to find out and be in the know.  If you are in the know in the areas in which you work – you will have a massive competitive edge.  It is all about working smart and using your common sense, knowledge, doing a bit of research and using your contacts.  This will save you time, effort and hopefully find you new representatives simply.

Remember you are in business – it’s market research – a key element of business.

Are you in the Know – Analyse your area

  • Where are the local schools?
  • What day is market day? (tends to be busier in town)
  • Where are the local nurserys/playgroups – what is going on there?
  • What clubs/societies are going on locally?
  • Where do young families live?

Are you in the Know – Where to get information

  • Ask – stop and ask people for help as you are looking for new representatives “where will you find your target market?”
  • Local papers – great for finding out what is on etc.
  • Internet – try sites like upmystreet or even google street-view to get a feel for an area.
  • Ask your Area Sales Manager or upline Sales Leader where are good areas that they know to find representatives.  The Area Sales Manager may even have vacant territory for you to prospect on.
  • Noticeboards/Shop Notices – you may see a school fayre, ladies night or other event advertised.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about where you target your activity to find new representatives.

So, Are YOU in the know?

Sarah HenshallAre you in the Know?