All  customers get AVON Free Delivery to their door when you shop with their local AVON representative. It doesn’t matter what size/value your order is.

How AVON Free delivery works as a Representative

As an Independent AVON Representative you get your AVON free delivery when you place a Regular On-Time Order over £15.  Your ordering days and delivery days will be given to you when you start and you can also find them on your website and on your invoice.

If you want to order more than once in a campaign you will be charged £2.75 p&p provided your order is over £15.  In my personal experience, most of my representatives just place their main regular order to get their AVON free delivery and do not do additional orders.  The choice is completely yours.

Benefits of AVON free delivery to your customers

4 620x663 FREE DELIVERYThe advantage to your customers is that they get their order delivered for free to their door by you.  This is a brilliant selling point, as it means that customers get a personalised service and convenient delivery.

Sarah HenshallFREE DELIVERY | AVON Free Delivery

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