Britains Got Talent

Britains Got Talent

union jack 150x129 Britains Got TalentI am absolutely loving Britains Got Talent this year – to be fair I shielded myself from the audition stage – and have just tuned in for the BGT Semi Finals….which is complemented by the “Coronation Street Week” in the middle all this week.

What I love about Britains Got Talent is that there are all sorts of people, from all sorts of walks of life, with all sorts of talents and skills.  It’s really amazing to think how diverse we all are, and what one person finds funny another finds plain annoying.

I guess the things that all the acts have in common are:   confidence, passion in what they do, dedication to their skill/talent, courage and a desire to win. They are really admirable qualities.  I love the fact that these are people who do have dreams and are prepared to do something about those dreams. (whether they get through the voting or not)

Watching Reality TV shows can remind you of some really important lessons of life – how many of us pre-judged Subo before she started to sing?

Cannot wait for tomorrow – then the finale at the weekend.


Sarah HenshallBritains Got Talent

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