100% Success Coach

100% Success Coach

Both Tony and myself have completed the 100% Success Coach training.  We take self-development and learning new business skills very seriously.

100successCoach 100% Success Coach

100% Success Coach

We fundamentally believe that with the right support and confidence, everyone can be successful.

Magic key to Success

The key to success is CONFIDENCE this is because it:

  • Releases Motivation because you believe you can do it
  • Allows you to take Action and get the results you want
  • Allows you to talk to people you know
  • Is what people are looking for in your eyes, voice and body language when you present your products and/or opportunity.

How to Gain Confidence

To gain confidence you need to learn and practice the “Skills of Network Marketing” until you are competent.

Skills Required:

  • Retail skills – be able to build a customer base and retail every campaign
  • Prospecting Skills – be able to find new people and get them started
  • Coaching Skills – helping other people become competent at retailing and prospecting skills

An analogy I can use is that it is like learning to drive – there is knowledge to learn (theory) and practical skills to learn.  You get more competent the more you practice.  When you start, it seems so complicated, but as time goes by it becomes second nature.

Even if you are not 100% competent – you can still perform effectively.

How We Work

In our team we use a variety of methods to coach and guide our team leaders – everyone learns differently and there are a variety of methods we use.

  • For learning practical skills, we favour 1-to-1 or small group training.  This works well because it is hands-on and tailored more to the individual.  We actively go out “in the field” and will work together in partnership with our team.   We like to inject fun into our training as well as getting results.
  • In terms of learning “knowledge”, we have great support website, set systems and scripts, newsletters, meetings etc.  We can also recommend personal development books as well.

“We run with the runners and walk with the walkers.”


Sarah Henshall100% Success Coach

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