To Work Part Time

To Work Part Time

Those 4 little words are so simple, yet there are lots of people out there who simply want To Work Part Time.

Reasons WHY you want to Work Part Time

There are loads of different reasons why people want to work part time, and I’ve only really captured the most common reasons here.

  • You’ve become a parent
  • You’ve become a carer to a sick or elderly relative
  • You’ve had your hours cut at work
  • You are retired from your career but fancy a challenge
  • You are studying and need to fit earning cash around that

The reasons will vary between individual and the type of Part Time Work will also vary depending on your individual circumstances, preferences and skills.   Once you’ve made the decision (or had the decision made) that you want to work part time – it can be a battle trying to work out what to do that will fit in around you.

How to Work Part Time

There are lots of options out there, with existing employers or in the marketplace.  What I personally opted for, when I wanted to Work Part Time was to “Work From Home” running my own business.  For me, I wanted the ultimate flexibility of having no boss. (apart from myself!)  Again, there are lots of opportunities out there.

I chose AVON as my Work From Home opportunity because when I wanted to Work Part Time, I could.  Equally, if I wanted to put more hours into it, I could also do that.  AVON is 125 years old, and has a fantastic reputation and track record.  Ultimately, I loved the products and new that I could sell them and show other people how to sell the products.  I’ve not looked back since.

Sarah HenshallTo Work Part Time

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