AVON Terms for Representatives

AVON Terms for Representatives

I remember when I first started AVON, I found that it was learning a whole new language, full of different terms and acronyms!  I thought it would be useful to list a few common AVON terms that Representatives come across when they first start.

Area – this is the geographic area in which you live.  AVON have split the country up into different Areas looked after by Area Sales Managers (ASM) who are employed by AVON.  There are over 300 areas in the UK.

Campaign – an AVON campaign is a 3 week selling cycle. (there are 2 shorter campaigns of 2 weeks around Christmas/New Year)  There is a new brochure every 3 week campaign – but you can backorder from the previous campaign.  There are usually 18 campaigns (and paydays) in a year.

Downline - I prefer to call it “Successline” at SarahsReps.  A downline is a person who is in your team.

Higher Order Value (HOV) - This is the value which you get maximum Representative Discount on your order. Currently HOV is £148.

Length of Association (LOA) – this is how long you have been involved with AVON as a representative and is measured by the number of Campaigns.

Mailplan - This is a specific day in the Campaign which your “Order is On Time” – The country is split into Mailplans between A-O – and we all have different ordering days.  (although you can submit your regular order early)

Minimum Order Value (MOV) - This is the minimum order value that you must achieve to receive Representative Discount on your order.  Currently MOV is £78.

Upline/Sponsor - This is the person who appointed you.  They are there to help and support you. (alongside your Area Sales Manager)

There are loads more AVON terms for Representatives – if you don’t know what something means you can always contact me to ask.  I will happily find out for you.


Sarah HenshallAVON Terms for Representatives

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