Quick way of getting 30 prospects

Quick Way of Getting 30 Prospects

Are you staring at an empty lead book and wondering how you are going to fill it?

Here is a quick way to jog your memory – to generate 30 prospects who you could approach to join your successful AVON team.  Why 30 prospects?  Not everyone will be interested – so it’s important that you talk to more people – as some will say no, some will say not at the moment and some will say yes.  A prospect isn’t a confirmed lead – it is just someone who you can approach who may be interested in hearing about earning extra cash with you team.

Get your Pen and Lead Book ready

Think of 5 people in each category:

  1. Family Members
  2. Friends
  3. People you have worked with
  4. Neighbours
  5. Social Friends (e.g. from nursery, bingo, pub etc)
  6. Your existing customers

How to Approach these people

So, you’ve got your list…..what to do with it?  There are several approaches that you could use.

  • If you feel comfortable approaching these people directly – then great.  You could say something like : “My AVON business is going really well, I’m looking to expand my team, are you interested in earning some extra cash?”
  • If you are a little nervous or shy you could always approach them in the 3rd party – this is also a great way of getting referrals if they have said no.   “Do You Know Anyone Else that is after earning a bit of extra cash?”

Ideally you would want to speak to these people face-to-face, but to be honest you can use any method of communication.   My advice is to do it on an individual basis, rather than posting a mass status update on facebook or bulk e-mail.   Just don’t make it too spammy and don’t bombard your network with lots and lots of “please join my team” messages every 5 minutes….that is a surefire way of annoying people.

Top Tip:  People like to be helpful by their very nature – so if you turn the negative of a “not for me” answer into getting a name of someone who may be interested – you will keep building your list.

My philosophy is that if you don’t ask people then you don’t know whether you would be helping them out by showing them how to earn some extra cash.  Also, you want to make sure that YOUR network of people join YOU rather than someone else.


Sarah HenshallQuick way of getting 30 prospects

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