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How to Get AVON Product Knowledge

Here are some ideas to use on How To Get AVON Product Knowledge.  There are some fantastic resources out there for AVON representatives to tap into.    Remember, you don’t need to know everything about every product.   Also, building up product knowledge can take time and experience.  Also, if you are an AVON Man, we don’t expect that you try the latest lipstick!!

AVON Product Knowledge Top Tips

  • Buy your own AVON Products – become your own best customer and get to know the brands 1st hand.
  • Buy your own AVON Products for gifts for family/friends – you get great discounts so use them to save money.
  • Ask your customers for recommendations and their feedback on products – this will allow you not only to connect better with your customer but you are able to use their story to share with others. (especially good if you don’t use a specific product)
  • Use the “Beauty of Knowledge” Training that is found on your AVON representative website – this is an excellent course which tells you all about AVON products and brands.
  • Find out from others about AVON products.  Use Facebook, AVON Connects, Hello Tomorrow and SarahsReps Team Training to find out about AVON Products, latest product launches and hot products.
  • Use the Make Up Guide as a reference for any make-up questions.

Benefits of AVON Product Knowledge

You will be a lot more confident and enthusiastic if you know the products and what their benefits are.  This will help you sell more as you will be able to recommend confidently to your customers.  Having first hand testimonials are really powerful.

I quite often get asked “I’ve seen a product on the TV Advert – does it really work?” or “Does AVON do such and such a product still?” and because I have built up a good product knowledge, I am able to answer confidently.  Of course I am still learning and new products are being launched all the time.  If I don’t know the answer to a question, I will just say to the customer “I will find out for you” and I make the effort to find out and let them know.

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