shutterstock 9220543 300x199 AVON ONLINEThere are loads of ways you can “do” AVON Online.  It’s really great that we can use the internet to run our businesses, whether it be selling AVON Online, recruiting new team members Online or managing our businesses online.

Here at SarahsReps - we have a wealth of resources and training on how to maximise your AVON business online.  We know you are busy people and you want to exploit the online market to increase your AVON sales.

AVON Online – Sell AVON Online

You can use the AVON e-brochure to sell online to your social networks.  There is a great little widget that AVON provides free to representatives that you can share on facebook, twitter, myspace, bebo etc.

Reaching your customers Online is great because they can get the latest products and offers at a click of a mouse.  You can quickly and simply get your brochure onto the “walls” of all your friends and family.  All your customer needs to do is inbox your or text you with their order.

AVON Online – Recruiting

You can start the AVON application process online – by filling in the application online.  An appointment can then be made to see the new starter, to meet them and show them how to get orders (and earn cash) and to give them their free brochures.  This is brilliant as the “boring” paperwork is kept to the minimum.

Also, there is great AVON Online training for new starters.  This means that the new starter is able to choose when they want to learn about how to earn money and make more sales – all from the comfort of their own home.

AVON Online – Managing your Business

AVON provide a FREE website to manage your business, whether you are a representative or sales leader.  Not only can you place your orders online, but there is bags of training, resources, videos and a whole community of other representatives and sales leaders.

It’s great that you can run AVON online, but don’t forget it’s high tech meets high touch!


Sarah HenshallAVON ONLINE

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