glazewear 500x5001 300x300 LipglossThis little tube of magic can really transform your look.  It is a beauty secret which is known to the celebs and to the most recent Royal Bride.  If it’s good enough for Kate Middleton, then it’s good enough for me! Not only does it keep your lips moist but it can really enhance a natural and youthful look.  It also can make your lips look luscious.  Whether you are going for the “Girl Next Door” look with a clear lipgloss or full out glamour, it is a definite make-up bag essential.

There are so many different types of Lipgloss.  I know that with AVON there are lots of different types for all occasions which include :-

  • Onyx Lustre Tri-Lip Gloss – create a dramatic colour with a 3in1 lipgloss
  • Glazewear Clear Lipgloss – SPF15
  • Glazewear Dazzle Lipgloss – sparkly lipgloss ideal for parties
  • Glazewear Shine Lipgloss – in a range of colours for a glossy finish


SarahsReps Top Tips for Lipgloss

  • If you’ve got bigger lips go for a lighter colour – if you want more volume then go for a bright pink or red shade.
  • Add more lipgloss to the centre of your mouth if you want a fuller look.
  • Use a lipbalm and let it dry before using your lipgloss – this will help it stay on longer.
  • Choose a lipgloss with SPF in it – to protect your lips .
  • If you want a classy simply look then use a clear lipgloss. (Also great if you are in a rush)
  • Don’t blot your lipgloss after you’ve applied it – the whole point is to have a glossy look.
  • Have a glitter lipgloss in your make-up bag for special occassions, nights out and parties.

If you want to see the latest range of AVON lipglosses – please visit the latest e-brochure.


Sarah HenshallLipgloss

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