How to get a Perfect Rear

How to get a Perfect Rear

This is a question that many of want to know the answer to.  Over the last few days Twitter and Facebook have been extremely busy on this topic.   Ultimately, the Perfect Rear is down to great genes….but we’re not all blessed with that.

Of course exercise and a healthy diet are both essentials for getting a great rear.  Exercises such as Squats and Lunges are great for toning along with things like walking , cycling, swimming or playing tennis.

For the rest of us, here are a few products which may help in our quest…….with the only effort required is flicking through the AVON Brochure.

  • AVON Body Illusion Leggings – seam-free and supportive to help give you slimmer, smoother looking legs and thighs, a flatter looking tummy and lift and support your bottom.  This is the ultimate in cheating and I love these because they just do the trick for me.
  • AVON Workout Flip Flops - helps to improve the look of calves, thighs and buttocks with every step.  Currently there are the White Sequin version (as per last year) and also the Black Sequin version.  Personally, I find them extremely comfortable as well as fashionable.
  • AVON Cellu-sculpt 3X – which claims that it instantly makes your skin look and feel firmer, after 1 week reduces the look and feel of cellulite and after 2 weeks makes the dimples feel smoothed out**  I love this product as it works all over the body and is so versatile and really compliments a great diet and exercise.



**(Consumer Study 147 people – and all cosmetics product results are achieved with continued use)


Sarah HenshallHow to get a Perfect Rear

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