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How to Earn 100 Pounds

sarrr How to Earn £100For some people, being able to earn an extra 100 pounds a month is an absolute lifeline.  To others, it may pay for a night away, a new pair of shoes or perhaps go into a savings fund.  In this economy, we are all looking at ways of saving money.  Equally it is just as important to look at ways of making extra money.

This is a quick guide on How to Earn 100 pounds a month with AVON.  This is based on the averages which I tend to find within my team and personally.

Target:    To Earn £100 a month

  • Total weekly sales = £100 per week
  • Total campaign sales = £300
  • Total campaign earnings = £75  (25% earnings level)
  • Total monthly earnings = £100

Plan of Action to Earn 100 Pounds

  •  You are looking for £100 worth of sales a week, on average.  In my experience, my average order is £10 per customer. This is my personal average order and other’s results may vary.
  • So, based on my personal average, I am looking for around 10-15 customers a week.  If you break that up to Mon-Fri – that’s just 2-3 customers a day.
  • Look at it another way – because we work in 3 weekly campaigns – you may need around 30-45 orders a campaign – as the fourth week you will be re-visiting your customers again with the new brochure.
  • Start looking for customers:-
    • Show the brochure to your friends & family
    • Canvass your territory – or re-canvass it if you have been going a while
    • Take the brochure into work or get people to take the brochure in for you
    • Circulate the e-brochure on facebook, twitter and other social media
    • Look around my blog for more selling tips and ideas

I know it sounds quite simple, but the key is to gain customers and if you look after them and serve them well, they will stay loyal and shop with you.  It is all about showing the brochure to as many people as you can, then offering great customer service.

In my AVON team I have people that do place orders over £300 (the average order required to earn 100 pounds a month) even in their first campaign.  This is because they have shown the brochure to enough people.  It need not take very long to do and depending on what methods you use, it could be a simple as leaving 3 or 4 brochures in a staff canteen for a week.

Want More than to earn 100 pounds?

Just simply scale up the numbers – and find more customers.  If you want to earn a lot more money you may want to consider becoming an AVON Sales Leader.

Use all the training and advice and ACT on those ideas.  I know it sounds simple, but basically, the key to it is serving customers.  Follow my simple guide and you will earn 100 pounds.


Sarah HenshallHow to Earn £100 | Earn 100 pounds

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