How to Boost Your Half Term Sales

How to Boost Your Half Term Sales

shutterstock 25031392 150x150 How to Boost Your Half Term SalesThe Holidays – whether they be Half Term or longer can seem like a tricky time with Sales – but the trick is to embrace the holidays and use them to your advantage to boost your sales and most importantly YOUR EARNINGS.

By thinking things through, planning a little bit and getting your head around it – there is no reason why you cannot maintain (if not increase) your earnings during the holiday season.  It is quite common for women to splash out on new beauty products just for their holidays – so make sure that you are there with your AVON Shop and you will benefit from this opportunity.

Here are a few ideas you can use:-

  • Lots of people go on holiday – so check with your customers that they’ve got all their beauty essentials for their holiday.  Strike up a conversation and use it as an excuse to get to know your customers better and recommend AVON products for their holidays.
    • Sun Creams
    • Shampoos/Shower Gels
    • Holiday Make-up (e.g. bronzing pearls, water-proof mascara, ANEW mini-kits)
  • If you are looking after the children, chances are that you are visiting places you don’t always go and meeting up with people you don’t always see or even new people.  Why not use this as an opportunity to show the brochure to these people.  Just carry a few brochures spare in your bag – so you can hand them out there and then.
  • If you are looking after your children and they are a bit bored with the holidays – why not get them to help you re-canvass your area.  Make it fun by seeing who can get the most orders.  It’s also a fantastic opportunity to get your children to meet your customers too.

Communication Is Key

During the Holiday Season, it is important to communicate well with your customers.  This will not only save you lots of time, but also strengthen your reputation and relationships with your customers.

  • Communicate Delivery dates – they will want to know whether they will get their AVON Products before they go away.
  • Don’t be alarmed if you don’t get a brochure back from a customer – just pop a note through the letter box saying “Don’t Worry if you’ve been away – just phone me when you get back if you want to order” – this does work.
  • If you know a customer is going away when you are planning to drop a brochure – give them 2 brochures either before or after they go away so they don’t miss a campaign.  (remember you can back order 1 campaign)
  • If you are going away – plan your brochure drops, perhaps do a “double drop” (2 campaigns at once) or if needs be arrange for your delivery to go to a relative/friend nearby if you are away.
Sarah HenshallHow to Boost Your Half Term Sales

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