How to be a Stay at Home Mum

How to be a Stay At Home Mum

…….and still pay the bills

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When you start the motherhood journey, I think most women think about whether they should be a Stay at Home Mum or go back to work.  I know that when I found out I was pregnant, I had that huge debate in my head.  I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer, nor should any woman be judged on her decisions.  We are all so different, with different circumstances.  If we were all the same, life would be terribly boring.


I decided that I wanted to have my cake and eat it – be a Stay At Home Mum as well as work at the same time.   I did have visions of being this perfect domestic goddess, perfect yummy mummy as well as running a large successful business…..but life just doesn’t work like that.  It is a juggling act and I just wanted to share some tips that work for me.

Top Tips on How to be a Stay at Home Mum

1.  Be ready for the chaos as it comes – as it will

Just thrive on it and use it to build and grow from it.  Work out what works well and implement strategies that will save you time.  Simple things like online grocery shopping or doing the packed lunches the night before.  I know this may seem a bit trite, but it is so true.

2.  Take time for yourself

Being a Stay at Home Mum means cooking, cleaning, being a mother, partner, friend as well as working from home.  You do need to take a bit of time out for yourself – even if it is just for half an hour.  You need to be in the right frame of mind for your family, for your business and for yourself.

3.  Accept that you shouldn’t feel guilty

Instead, feel excited and happy about what you are going to be able to provide for your family.  There may be times where you have to compromise, but that’s life.  If you work your business consistently and persistently, the rewards will come.

4.  Work with your family to help you work from home

If you are lucky enough to get babysitting from family, use it.  Also, why not set treats for the children if they help you with work or respect your time whilst you are working.  Keeping your work space separate is ideal, but many a great venture has been run from a box room or part of the dining room table.

5.  Watch your money

If you have previously had wages or a salary coming in, it is very different running your own business.  It is important that you watch your money carefully.  You need to set income goals, then go out there and achieve them.  You also have to watch your spending.  I found it a lot cheaper being at home, rather than out working.  No longer am I buying my lunch out, indulging in mid-morning lattes, buying magazines just because I was bored in the lunch hour, buying expensive work clothes etc etc.  All those little costs add up massively, so I am already on a winner there.


In essence, I think you can be a Stay At Home Mum and still pay the bills, if you really want to.  It does take hard work and determination, but the rewards are not only financial but are priceless.

Sarah HenshallHow to be a Stay at Home Mum

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