How to Ask Great Questions

AVON Sales Leaders – How to Ask Great Questions

As an AVON Sales Leader, it is important that you ask great questions.  Why?  Well, you can get to know people and learn about them simply by asking great questions.  These simple techniques are important to use not only for potential and new representatives but also for your existing team members as a way of coaching and helping them.

Closed Questions

These types of questions ask only for a one/two word answer.  They are not always the best as it can cut a conversation dead making it hard work for you, the AVON Sales Leader as well as your prospect/team member.

Examples of Questions Sales Leaders may ask:

Q.  Do you want to earn extra income?

A. Yes.

Q.  How long have you lived here?

A. Three Years.

Q.  How many orders have you got?

A.  £150 so far.

Open Questions

These types of questions ask for a bit more than just a short response.  They make the prospect/team member talk and give more details.  This does make it easier to build up a rapport with them – as you are interested in what they have to say and their opinions.  It helps you get to know them and how they think.

Good Open Ended Questions may start:  “How” or “Why” “What” or “Tell Me”

Q.  Why do you want to earn extra income?

A.  Well, I want to take my family on holiday in the Summer to Spain.

Q.  What’s it like living around here?

A. The neighbours are really friendly, and it’s not far from the shops either.  It’s also handy for Pete’s work.

Q.  So, tell me how has it gone so far for you this campaign?

A.  Well, I’ve got some more brochures to get back in, but I’ve got £150 so far.  I’ve only done a couple of streets and I took the brochure to playgroup and it went really well.  I’m struggling to work out how to put the brochure on facebook though.


As you can see, by re-phrasing the questions slightly you can get more information out – which gives you a great hook into helping or getting to know people better.    You can pick up more information, which helps you then guide and coach your team.

I am not saying don’t use Closed Questions – they are great if you are after simple facts or if you want just a quick reply.  You can also balance it by asking a Closed Question followed by an Open Question.

For example:  “How long have you lived here”  …. “Three Years” ….. “What’s it like living around here” …….

Bonus tip: The “How long have you lived here….what’s it like living around here” – is a great question when doing an appointment – as you will get a feel for how well someone knows their neighbours etc.  You can then sell the benefits of either : showing the brochure to their neighbours that they know already OR getting to know new people locally if they don’t.  Either way, it shows that you listen and that you care.



Sarah HenshallHow to Ask Great Questions

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