Get Your Feet Ready for Summer

Get Your Feet Ready for Summer

It is quite easy to keep your feet hidden during the depths of Winter and wet weather of Spring….however, it’s virtually impossible to keep your feet hidden during summer.  So here is my guide to getting your feet ready for Summer.

pedicure 150x150 Get Your Feet Ready for Summer3 STEP Pedicure

  1. Use the AVON Essential Pedicure Tool – which has a pumice, callus remover and nail file – this will help get rid of dead skin. Use an even rubbing motion and don’t press to hard.
  2. Use the AVON Planet Spa African Shea Butter Foot & Elbow Cream with AHA – which relieves rough, dry heels and softens calluses.  The AHAs provide extra exfoliation.  The skin on your feet is thicker than other parts of your body, so it is essential to use a deep penetrating cream.
  3. Use the AVON Moisturising Socks - slip these on just before going to bed at night or perhaps in the evening whilst you are watching TV.

I would personally recommend this 3 step routine every 2 weeks or so – just to keep your feet in tip top condition.

Need a bit of Extra Help??

AVON Footworks has a great range of products to solve a whole host of foot related issues.  From Exfoliating Scrubs, to Foot Soaks and Odour Neutralising Foot Spray….there is probably something for everyone.  It is so easy to neglect your feet, as you can be on them all day long and they support your whole body.  Take good care of them, and they will take good care of you!

So hopefully, with these simple tips, you will be ready to get those tootsies out for some sunshine.




Sarah HenshallGet Your Feet Ready for Summer

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