AVON Forum

AVON Forum

Sometimes you get asked a question by an AVON customer, or you come across something that you are not sure about connected to your AVON business.  Perhaps even it’s late at night or you think it’s a bit of a silly question – where do you turn to ……. an AVON Forum.

An AVON Forum is a great place to connect and get the latest ideas and views.  You can meet new people, exchange tips and generally feel part of something.

I recommend the AVON Forum which is run by AVON, called AVON Connects. To be honest, it’s more of a Community – however, there are discussion boards where you can get answers to questions and find other budding AVON enthusiasts. (I hope I am not the only AVON Addict out there!)

You can “lurk” on a forum – that means not post but have a nosy around….or you can post questions or get involved by answering questions or having a good old chat.  I use it as another business tool – getting ideas to increase my sales as well as solving any problems I may have……like the customer who asks “Do we still do XYZ?” and I can just ask someone on the AVON forum who will most certainly know.


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