3 quick ways to boost your Fragrance Sales

3 quick ways to boost your Fragrance Sales

secret fantasy 500x500 150x150 3 quick ways to boost your Fragrance SalesIf you are anything like me, you will love all the different AVON Fragrances.  We have a number of Fragrances which are designer, celebrity, limited edition, seasonal…..the list goes on.  It’s great to sell fragrance too – and here are my top 3 tips to boost those sales……



Everyone loves a good sniff.  That’s a great advantage that selling face-to-face has over the internet…..as you can actually smell the products before you buy them.   AVON has some scratch and sniff pages which I love as you can get a real feel for what the fragrance will smell like.

    • Wear the fragrance yourself – so your customers can smell it on you first
    • Invest in samples – and you can give these to customers to try
    • Spray some of your pages with a fragrance – so when they open the brochure bag they will get a whiff

2.  ASK

Why not ask your customers what types of fragrance they like or wear at the moment.  You can always ask more open ended questions so you can recommend potential fragrances for them.

    • When do they wear fragrance? (evening, daytime, holidays etc)
    • What types of smells do they prefer?  (fruity, woody, floral, citrusy etc)
    • What time of year is it?  (e.g. perhaps recommend a summer fragrance)


If your customer likes a particular AVON Fragrance – do they use the complimenting products.  For example – the deodorant or body spray.

    • Layering complimenting products can intensify the smell – for instance, using the same shower gel, deodorant, body cream and fragrance.
    • Perhaps use the body spray as a “way in” of testing out a new fragrance – get them used to the smell then upgrade them to the fragrance.
    • Always remember the 90 day money-back guarantee if they don’t get on with the fragrance.


My Favourite Fragrance is Outspoken by Fergie.  However, I do wear different fragrances depending on the occasion or if I just simply fancy a bit of a change!


Sarah Henshall3 quick ways to boost your Fragrance Sales

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