Why Flexible Working is Important

There are so many reasons why having a Flexible Working Opportunity is so important today.  We all lead very busy lives with lots of different commitments and pressures put upon us.  I know, as a working mum, that I need to be there for my children but also earn enough money to pay the bills and live.

Flexible working opportunities can be difficult to find and manage….as the whole nature of being flexible means that it fits around you – and we are all different.  That’s why I run my own home based business, because it is totally flexible.

No longer do I:

  • Have to commute during rush hour – I just wait until the traffic has quietened down.
  • Ask my boss for time off (that I was entitled to) because I’d just seen a great last minute holiday deal.
  • Feel I’m being clock watched by the other employees for how long I spent on lunch.
  • Stay late just to meet the deadline that my boss set that were for their bonus not mine.

Being able to have Flexible Working has meant that I :

  • Feel more motivated because I haven’t got that guilt or resentment about juggling time.
  • Feel more in control of what I do with my life and how I structure my day.
  • Can be there for my children and my family and friends and adjust my workload accordingly.
  • Am generally happier and healthier.

Of course, I do have to work.  I would say that it is more challenging as there are distractions around that can “seem” more exciting, especially when the weather is nice.  The key to it is staying focused and being self-disciplined.  It is very different to “working for a boss” as you are the boss.  That’s why it’s essential to have goals and business plans and treat working from home seriously, just like any CEO of a company would treat their business.

Flexible Working is important to me and my family.  It enables us to carry out the life and have the lifestyle that we want for us.

Sarah HenshallWhy Flexible Working is Important

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