AVON Success Story

AVON Success Story

I think it is really important that you create and share your AVON Success story – whether you are an Independent AVON Representative or Sales Leader.  Each one of us will have our own story of success and they will be all different.

It may be that your success story involves providing an extra income for your family, or taking control of your life or even paying for driving lessons.  What’s important is that it’s your story and it’s your success – no matter how big or how small.  It’s also good to share your success story with others, as this can really help and encourage other people.

I am always inspired and motivated by my team and other AVON representatives and Sales Leaders success stories. I find that I learn so much from hearing about other people’s journeys.  It really does put a smile on my face when I hear of how others have succeeded and achieved what they wanted despite any challenges or obstacles facing them.  It can be as simple as “She’s achieved that, so perhaps I could” which spurs me on to greater things.

It’s important to remember that Success is a marathon not a sprint – no matter how much I want it, I am not going to be an AVON millionaire this year but if I keep going for a few years……..

How to get an AVON Success Story

Well obviously, you have to join AVON to start with!  Seriously, getting started and getting stuck in is the way to start building your success story.  Set yourself some goals of what you want to achieve.  They don’t have to be big or flash to start with.  Your goals may be financial, they may be social, they may be educational…..that’s your own choice.  What is important is working out what you want to get out of doing AVON and why you are joining.  Once you’ve figured that out, it’s just about following the simple business model of  Sell-Show-Share.  The key then is not to give up, but keep going.  You’ll look back after a while and you’ll see that you are starting to achieve your goals.

If you are still stuck for “What is my AVON Success Story” – well you’re already running your own business – as an independent representative or sales leader.  That is a massive achievement and something we should all be proud of.
You can read my success story online – it’s very much a work in progress as there is so much more that I want to achieve with AVON.  I have a whole host of goals that I want to achieve, not only financial but lifestyle, educational and social goals too.






Sarah HenshallAVON Success Story

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