package 201x300 AVON Shop As an AVON Representative your AVON SHOP is your brochure.  Each brochure represents a shop – the more AVON shops you have “open for business” (i.e. in people’s homes) the more business you are likely to get.  If your brochures are sitting under the kitchen table at home – your AVON shop is well and truly closed.

The beauty of being an Independent AVON Representative is that you offer the high personal touch service to your customers – rather than a website.  Your customers can get to know you, ask for recommendations, easily return products, get to-the-door delivery service for free and many more benefits.

Top Tips with your AVON SHOP

  • Keep your AVON Shop looking tidy and presentable.  People like to look at clean, well presented brochures.  If you are going door-to-door, use brochure bags and pop a slip in to explain when you are coming back.
  • Keep your AVON Shop open as much as you can during the campaign.  I recommend that you leave your brochures for a couple of days when you first start, and then turn them around and get them back out again as many times as you can.
  • Always take your AVON Shop with you wherever you go.  You never know when you may bump into someone who wants to buy with you there and then.
  • Highlight special offers and new products in your AVON Shop – just like any High Street store would do.
  • Advertise your own AVON Shop online.  I will cover this in a later post in more detail. In essence, use the E-brochure to get your AVON Shop online.  This way your shop is open 24-7 to your social network.

We are lucky as AVON Representatives – as we’ve got the opportunity to have many shops, which travel (not quite by magic) direct into the living rooms of our customers.  So get out there today with your AVON shop.


Sarah HenshallAVON Shop

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