AVON Sales Chart

It is a good idea to keep a track of your AVON Sales as you go along.  It will help you plan your income and is a good indicator of your AVON representative business.  It will also help you plan how many brochures you need to order as well as identify areas to focus on with your AVON Sales.

AVON Progress Chart AVON Sales Chart

AVON Sales Progress Chart

How to use the chart :

  • Sales –  This will help you see where your sales are coming from – and whether to concentrate more on either networking more or re-canvassing your territory.
  • No. Customers – get a feel for how many people are ordering with you.  This will also help you predict how many brochures you will need to order.
  • Your Earnings – keep a track of what you are actually earning.  We all join AVON to earn money.
  • Av. Customer Order – just divide your Sales by the Number of Customers – this will give you an average spend.  If you notice that your average spend is low – why not put on a promotion.

If you monitor your AVON business like this every campaign (it doesn’t take long to do), you will soon build up a picture of your business and you can identify areas which you can expand and grow with.

Sarah HenshallAVON Sales Chart

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