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What is an AVON Pink Pamper Party?

Why not find out about having an AVON Pink Pamper Party for your friends, family and customers.  It is a lot of fun but most importantly it helps raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

A Pink Pamper Party is a great excuse to have some well deserved pampering as well as building customer relations – all whilst raising money.  It’s an excellent way of AVON Representatives helping make a real difference to the lives of women across the UK.

How do I Organise an AVON Pink Pamper Party?

My best advice is visit the AVON Pink Pamper Party site.   It has fantastic resources and ideas and tells you what you need to do.  You can also request a Pink Pamper Pack.  It’s a great way of being creative and having fun whilst raising cash for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  There are loads of things you can do – e.g  Manicures, Raffles, Garden Parties or quizes to just name a few.

AVON Pink Pamper Party Gifts

avonpin Pink Pamper PartyThere are specific products which help raise money for Breakthrough Breast.  There is the very popular “Pins” which are a firm favourite with our customers.  Also, there are items like the Crusade Baking Set, Mugs, Bags, Socks, Water bottles and lots more.  Look out in the latest brochure or Hello Tomorrow magazine for more info and the latest products.


Key Info:

Visit AVON Pink Pamper Website : – for more info.  Alternatively you can call 020 7025 2498.

If you are in my team and thinking about hosting an AVON Pink Pamper Party – let me know as I will help and support you with it.

Good Luck with organising an AVON Pink Pamper Party.


Sarah HenshallPink Pamper Party | AVON Pink Pamper Party

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