AVON Lotus Shield

My Hair is Frizzy

That is a problem that I face, along with many other people, let’s be honest here.  AVON Lotus Shield is a brilliant product which instantly helps to smooth and tame frizzy hair.

According to the AVON brochure –  “It’s a lightweight, leave in serum which instantly helps to smooth and tame, even in humid weather, then lasts through two washes.* “

When AVON Lotus Shield launched in 2010 –  “Join the FRIZZ FREE revolution” was a massive success.

Under the Advance Techniques brand, AVON Lotus Shield really compliments the wide range of haircare products by AVON. There are now Frizz Control Shampoo and Conditioner available in the brochure.

Personally, I love this product because it is simple to use, it smells great and most importantly it works for me.  I use it on damp hair (just out of the shower) , apply just a little bit of Lotus Shield on my hair and then just style my hair as normal.   As a busy mum, this is a really neat hair trick that takes seconds to do.

*Consumer study, 149 people.

AVON Lotus Shield TV Advertisement (courtesy of iAVON)

Sarah HenshallAVON Lotus Shield

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