How to use Text Messaging with your AVON business

If you are on a phone package with free/lots of texts – here are just a few quick ideas for your AVON Representative sales business.

  1. Text the day before your delivery to the customer – let them know when you are coming and how much their order is.  This will save time at the door and avoid missing people who aren’t in.
  2. Text customers with any special promotions you are running – say “Spend £20 and get a free gift” the night before you are due to collect your brochures back in.
  3. If you cannot get a brochure back from a house – put a slip through the door asking people to text you with their order just before your order day.

Benefits of using text are:

  • People have you “their Rep” contact number stored in their phone – which they carry everywhere – so they can contact you/refer people onto you.
  • Everyone reads their texts – it doesn’t get lost in an inbox or on an answerphone.
  • It’s simple, quick and effective – getting your message across to your customers will save you time and potentially generate more orders.


Sarah HenshallHow to use Text Messaging with your AVON business

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