How to find more AVON Customers

This is a question we get asked loads, so I thought I would share my top tips on how to find more AVON customers. Like with anything, I like to Keep It Simple Sarah, and if you can pick out an idea that works for you, fantastic.

Top 5 Tips – How to find more AVON Customers

1.  Re-visit your “Who Do You Know List”

You will have gone through this when you first started.  However, as your life moves on, you meet new people.  I know that my circle of friends is different now since having children.  It is important to refresh your list of contacts regularly.  Why not check out your mobile phone or facebook friends for names.  Then simply give them a brochure or send them an e-brochure.

2.  Re-canvass your existing territory

A really common trap that representatives fall into is canvassing their territory once or twice – then just serving those customers only.  It is important to re-canvass your territory often (and every time during the Christmas campaigns) as people’s buying habits do change.  For example, someone may not have ordered with you the first time you popped a brochure through because it was a busy week, or they were on holiday or simply they didn’t need anything at that specific time.  Give everyone the opportunity to buy with you regularly, you will pick up new customers.

If you are in our team already and would like to get more territory, please get in contact with us.  We will be happy to help you with expanding your rounds.

3.  Ask for referrals

Ask your friends, family, workmates and customers if they would like to show the brochure to their friends or take it into work for you.  This is a great way of reaching more people quickly and easily.  Perhaps create a customer incentive whereby if a customer recommends a new customer, you can give the referrer a free gift.

4.  Local Businesses and Organisations

Why not ask the local pub, hairdressers or doctor’s surgery if they would mind you leaving a few brochures and order forms with them.  You can also partner up with local organisations, such as playgroups or scouts, you can always donate a percentage of your earnings towards their cause.  Again, you will pick up new customers by doing this.

5.  Get your name out there!

Why not pop a note in your local shop advertising that you are the local AVON lady.  It’s amazing how many people I bump into when recruiting new representatives who say “All I want is a reliable representative” – that could be you!  I find that by wearing the fantastic products (especially the jewellery, handbags, nail polish and perfume) people pay you compliments – which is a great conversation opener.


In order to find more AVON customers, you must have the right tools for the job.  You must be armed and ready with enough brochures and order forms (and spare pens) – carry them in your bag, in your car, in the pushchair etc.  Never get caught short with a potential customer but no brochure for them.



Sarah HenshallHow to find more AVON Customers

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