Get the Kate Middleton Make Up Look with AVON

As the big day approaches, we are all speculating what the dress, hair and make up will look like.   Her normal style is quite classic, natural and glowing.  I thought I would share with you how you can Get the Kate Middleton Look with AVON.


The key to great skin is keeping it hydrated and nourished.  Why not try AVON’s Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum, which is used to brighten dullness for radiant skin.  It’s in the Clinical All Ages range – so is totally versatile for all skin types.  Couple this along with the ANEW Skincare Regime kits.

Top Tip:  Don’t forget your neck area and your shoulders if you are wearing a strapless dress.


When you are young, you don’t need to plaster yourself with lots of make-up.  The Kate Middleton Look is all about being natural and accentuating her beautiful face.  Personally, I love the AVON MagiX Face Perfector which is a light gel-powder.  It is SPF20 and also you don’t need to match to a specific shade.


Kate tends to wear quite neutral eye-colours.  Why not go for AVON’s 8 in 1 Eye Palette in Neutral Tones.  You can really create subtle changes using the 8 different shades depending on the time of day or occasion.  Don’t forget to define your eyes – using a Liquid Eye Liner Pen.  The eyeliner is a definite Kate trademark.


The Kate Middleton look is all about a healthy glowing complexion.  This means that you want to get your blush right and not look like a clown gone wrong!  I recommend the AVON Blush Duo which means you can blend two colours of blush to create a look which suits you.  I find that you can create a sleek contoured cheekbone look with the AVON Blush Duo.


Keep your lips looking very neutral but glossy using AVON’s Glazewear Lipgloss SPF15.  This comes either as a Clear Gloss or you could go for a Coloured Shine Lipgloss.  Couple that with a Glimmerstick Lip Liner and you’re away.  Keeping it subtle and close to your own lip colour is a good trick.


In essence, the key to getting the Kate Middleton Make Up Look is to go neutral, natural and classic.



Sarah HenshallGet the Kate Middleton Make Up Look with AVON

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